modern technics

Traditional textile handicrafts and modern technology are working hand in hand together in the manufacture located in the South West of Germany. Skilled staffs produce in two-shift operation exclusive down-, natural hair- and fiber comforters from the wide product range of the still family run business.

At full blast modern carding machines comb the fiber materials and split them into smallest single fibers until the fibrous is gained. In the quilting hall the filling fibrous and the cut to size fabrics are fixed to frames in layers by qualified personnel on special work benches. At the same time computerized sewing machines stitch all kinds of patterns into the comforters. From the proven coffered ceiling up to the noble French lilies watermark stitch.

The edging of the borders with different fabric materials, stitching the buttonholes and the production of pillows are manual work done at different sewing machines.

Located in the mid- to upper price segment the comforter- and pillow-collections of the trademark TRAUMINA are delivered to specialized traders for bedding and specialty mail order companies. The unique selling proposition of TRAUMINA still is „Made in Germany".

We do not do mass production, we are a Manufacturer. "Much handiwork and the only in Germany located production guarantee our high quality level" says the managing partner Melanie Weber-Veil who runs the company together with her husband Andreas Veil already in fourth generation.