From a Hemp wholesaler to a bedding manufacture

Founded in 1921 by Wilhelm Weber as a family run workshop the company was a wholesaler for different kinds of hemp ropes. In the 1950s, the demand on ropes and other cordage had drastically shrunken because of structural and economic reasons. Therefore the Weber limited partnership concentrated on producing squared quilts and down comforters for Interior decorators.

Since 1959 the Trademark TRAUMINA has been established. After the company had been handed over to Friedhelm Weber in 1972, the company started to produce natural hair and natural fiber products as well.

The production of blankets for rheumatics filled with merino wool was the cornerstone for development work in the quilt branch.

From 1975 on TRAUMINA Weber concentrated on specialized dealers for beddings and the manufacture's product range grew gradually. The first camelhair and silk filled comforters were produced in the 1980s and until today innovations in fabrics and fiber fillings are focused. The alternation of generations in January 2010 brought a company change as well: The TRAUMINA Weber GmbH & Co. KG became TRAUMINA GmbH.